NRAKHS is a wing of MYQ Global. NRAKHS identifies the job seekers as per the requirements of the employers, train them and place globally.

NRAKHS also conducts boot camps, job fairs, internships, externships and other training programs to get better opporutinies to the the job seekers globally.

NRAKHS train you and place you!

About our CEO

Ramakrishna Vaddipalli worked in Central and State Goverment departments i.e. Postal and Telegraph, Education and Revenue departments in India in the 1980s.

Afer a careful study of rural and urban areas, the starvation & unemployement faced by the people motivated him to become an entrepreneur.

He resigned in the year 2010 and become a founder and chairman of Mission for Poor Charitable Trust and Farmers Rights Protection Forum.

Then after he observed that a small and medium enterpreneurs have been suffering with lack of knowledge of marketing their products at right place. To over come these hurdles for the sake of Medium, Small and Micro Enterpreneurs he started research with global experts, observed and studied the market keenly and found also that the skilled labor and lack of professional workers the industries are suffering.

The reuslt was the birth of MYQ Global Connect Private Limited as well as NRAKHS training and 100% job guarantee programs in more than 51000 cities globally.


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